Harlequin : Rum flavored chocolate cake, topped with chocolate mousse, whipped cream and chocolate curls.

Chocolate and Lemon Mousse (Polish Delight) : Chocolate cake with rum, chocolate and lemon mousse,
topped with dark chocolate with whipped cream on the edges.

Strawberry Shortcake : White cake, vanilla custard, strawberry filling, whipped cream with fresh
strawberries on top.

Zebra Cake : White and chocolate cake, white and chocolate butter cream .

Royal Mocha Cake : Mocha cake flavored with coffee liquor and mocha butter cream.

Double Chocolate Cake : Chocolate cake, chocolate butter cream, cognac flavor, topped with a
chocolate shell.

Raspberry Mousse Cake : White cake, raspberry mousse and whipped cream.

Walnut Torte : Walnut cake flavored with rum, peanut OR chocolate butter cream, decorated with
walnut halves.

Royal Fruit Cake : White cake, lemon custard filling, whipped cream with fresh fruit and jelly on top.

Peach Mousse : Lemon flavored white cake, custard, whipped cream, peaches with jelly on top.

Carrot Cake : With cream cheese filling.

Black Forest Cake : Chocolate cake, cherry filling, whipped cream with chocolate drizzle on top
with cherries for decorations.

German Chocolate Cake : Chocolate cake, coconut pecan filling, with chocolate frosting.

Red Velvet : Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Custom Cakes:

Choose one from each section. If you need any suggestions or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.




White Strawberry Chocolate Buttercream
Chocolate Raspberry Vanilla Buttercream
Carrot Blueberry Cream Cheese
Mocha Vanilla Custard Mocha
Marble Chocolate Custard Lemon
Red Velvet Lemon Raspberry
Walnut Raspberry Mousse
Lemon Poppyseed

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